Saturday, August 3, 2013

Overheard in the Ladies Room

So many people loved the comments I posted that I overheard in Atlanta at the RWA Conference. Well, guess what? Those kinds of conversations aren't limited to the once a year get-together of a bunch of romance writers. Put any group of women together in a social situation and the most bizarre discussions occur. The following are things I've overheard in the ladies room at my office.

1. (To a pregnant woman): "Well, the baby comes out feet-first, right? That should make it easier."

2. "How was your weekend?" 
"Great! My uncle passed away."

3. "Every time I mention my husband's name at the dry cleaners', they roll their eyes and chuckle. They speak Korean so I don't know what they're saying, but it can't be good."

4. "This sink is broken again? I swear to God, you come in here and play 'Sink Roulette' every day. Which one works, which one has soap, which faucet's going to splash my skirt..."

5. "She wrote me up for going to the ladies room thirty minutes before lunch. Told me I should've waited. I told her my slacks were from Jones New York, not Pampers."

Be careful what you say, ladies. You never know who might be taking notes for blog fodder. <wink!>

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