Saturday, August 10, 2013

A to Z Blogging: C is for Cookies (Chocolate Chip, to be precise)

My family members have a bizarre cookie ritual and I'm wondering if any other families do this.

Whenever I bring home Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies, my husband and kids rip open the package and the fun begins. They rifle through the tray of cookies to find the cookie with the most chips. Then it becomes a competition to see which of them grabbed the "chippiest" one. 

This game drives me nuts for several reasons. First of all, what's the freaking difference? So what if one cookie has a chip or two more than the others? But my husband and kids are practically mercenary about finding that ultimate cookie.

Secondly, these are people who are not good with packaging so once they rip open the bag and remove the plastic tray, they can't replace them snugly. The cookies left behind quickly go stale.

They also try to drag me into the competition by complaining that I should be more "selective" in which package I buy at the store. As if I can see through the package to find the one with the greatest amount of winners.

My daughter's former boyfriend was originally on my side, but now, according to his mother, plays the same game, holding up the winning cookie for all to see as if it were the Holy Grail.

Apparently, the sickness is spreading.

I often complain, remarking that, really, in the grand scheme of things, all the cookies are the same.

You'd think I compared Star Wars to Star Trek at a geek convention. Their faces take on these horrified expressions. "They are not the same!" they exclaim.

So, how about it? Any other families compete over chocolate chip cookies. I'm honestly not sure if I'd prefer to be alone in this bizarre quirk or find other people suffering along with me.

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