Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Available Now: Eternally Yours

It's official! The famed "book of my heart" is now available on Smashwords and Amazon for your reading pleasure.

Eternally Yours is a love after death story.  
Jodie Devlin's suicide is not the end, merely the beginning. With her future as a living human being irrevocably destroyed, she must become an employee of the Afterlife until a new existence can be created for her. In the realm on the other side of death, she’ll learn how to retrieve ghosts who have lingered too long on Earth. If only she didn't have to work beside a good-looking, arrogant man who baffles and challenges her at every turn.

     It's no wonder Luc Asante is so bitter toward women. His former wife ordered him taken off life support, condemning him to service in the Afterlife as one of Death’s bounty hunters. Now he has a trainee—a female trainee who’s as soft-hearted as he is hard, as impulsive as he is methodical. In a place where perfection is the norm, she revels in her imperfections just to drive him nuts.

    Traveling through time and space to bring peace to lost souls, Jodie and Luc will be forced to come to terms with their differences and their pasts, to discover a love that might bind them for eternity.

Want a blurb? Yeah, sure. Happy to oblige!

Jodie Devlin sucked at life. So she refused to screw up her death. No turning back, no chickening out, hoping life would get better tomorrow. Like, magically, some genie would appear to make her successful, beautiful, happy. Loveable.

The Jeep explosion so many years ago in Castelan, El Salvador had stolen her parents, scarred her flesh, and ruined any possible chance she’d know love. Gabe had never loved her. She understood that now.
He didn’t deserve you, some inner voice told her.

No more fantasies, she fired back. After all, she knew the truth. She hadn’t deserved him.
For once, though, she’d do something right. Her suicide tonight would go down perfectly. A combination of over-the-counter sleep aids, a brand new bottle of Grey Goose, and a filled bathtub gave her a trifecta guaranteed to succeed.

On a half-dozen gulps of vodka, she downed all thirty blue pills, a handful at a time. The mixture hit her stomach like a prize fighter’s punch, but she swallowed hard to keep it all down. No way did she intend to exit like that 1940’s starlet she’d read about—Lupe Something-or-other. The Mexican Spitfire had set up a gorgeous room, donned the perfect gown, hand-picked the flowers and candles. Unfortunately when the cops found her the next day, poor Lupe sat hunched face-first in the toilet.

Jodie required more dignity for her end. The dignity she’d never gained in life. Shivering at the bitter memories, she stepped into the hot, glistening water. Aaaahhhh. Who knew death could come so pleasantly?

Gentle hands caressed her as she began her slow descent into nothingness. A cote of doves surrounded her, lifting her on snowy wings. Their feathers whisked her cheeks like the kisses of angels. Peace rolled over her, wrapped her in a precious homespun afghan. Her pain evaporated, leaving only sweet vanilla warmth. Closing her eyes, she allowed the birds to carry her onward…

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mid-Week Rude Awakening: The Fine Line Between Promotion and Pestilence

Let's face it: all authors need to find unique ways to promote their work. At the same time, we don't want to become so much of a nuisance to our friends that we annoy them. Take this guy who actually shot himself in a bid for promotion for his book. Read the story here.

I've reached a similar stage with an author acquaintance. Oh, not where I'm ready to shoot anyone, but it's a case (albeit on a much more innocent scale) of an author gone overboard. Every day, I receive advertisements from several groups that I belong to, all for the same author's works--three or four per day, every day.

Guess what? I will not be buying any of her books. Know why? Because there's a limit to how many times I want to see anyone's hype, and she surpassed it.

If you're thinking I might be talking about you, you might want to take a serious look at how much promo you're churning out.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Getting By With A Little Help From My Friends (My 1000th Post)

According to my Blogger Dashboard, this is my 1000th post here. How fitting. How timely.

Because I want to tell you about my first half of 2012. Buckle up. It's a pretty bumpy ride. And you might want a box of tissues handy.

You've been warned.

January began for me with the same hopes and dreams as the rest of you, but with a dark cloud or two looming on the horizon. A special project I'd struggled for years to bring to fruition failed due to the spite of others. But I rallied on with the help of some wonderful friends who not only supported me, but went to bat for me in writing--a rarity in this world. The project is gone, but the friendships will never fade.

A few days later (still within the first few weeks of the New Year), my husband was laid off from his job. Here in the New York metro area, two paychecks aren't a luxury; they're a necessity. And I only worked part time when I got the phone call about my spouse's sudden employment demise. Panic ensued. I immediately spoke to my boss and luckily found myself gainfully employed full-time. But even full-time, my paycheck wouldn't cover our monthly mortgage payment, let alone our other bills. Panic returned.

In February, my 20 year old daughter required spinal surgery. Panic ramped up. A friend referred us to a specialist who became our knight in shining armor. I'm happy to report that Tkat is not only fully recovered, she and I managed to skydive together last week--mere months after her procedure! Our family experienced a little breathing room. But it was a temporary lull.

On April 6 (two months ago today), my 13 year old nephew took his own life. Andrew Joseph Murphy was gifted, personable, athletic, and apparently, unbeknownst to us, dealing with some kind of pain that he couldn't overcome. Andy loved swimming, music, and baseball. His actions have devastated our family, particularly his parents and his two older brothers.

At Andy's wake, my husband got a phone call: several business associates had given his name to another company looking for a specialist in his line of work. Hubster got the job. It was a bittersweet ending to our saga. Panic fled, but not without taking something precious from us.

Andy can never be replaced and his loss will always be a hole in our hearts. Suicide is a finality that no family should have to suffer. There is help available and it's important that everyone, no matter what age, seeks that help in times of pain or crisis. 

This month, we'll be hosting a fundraiser for Response, Inc., a local suicide prevention group, in Andy's memory. Baskets and gifts will be auctioned/raffled off, with all monies collected going to Response, Inc.

Once again, I'm asking for a little help from our friends. If you're in the area, please join us at Filthy Frogzz on Hawkins Avenue in Ronkonkoma on June 23, beginning at 4 pm for an afternoon and evening of entertainment in memory of Andy. There'll be lots of fun prizes to be won! If you're not in the area, you can help by sending donations whether in the form of items that can be raffled off (even $5 gift cards to Starbucks can be combined with other items to create a terrific prize!), or checks made out to Response, Inc. You can access their online donation form here. Be sure to put In Memory of Andy Murphy on the form. Gift cards and other items for the fundraiser can be mailed to Missy Murphy, PO Box 94, East Setauket, NY 11733.

You can read more about the event in our local Patch article.

I'm truly grateful to all those who've reached out to me over the last six months and I thank them for their no-strings-attached friendship, which has bolstered me through some very dark days.

Life, no matter how hard it may get at times, is a gift. I only wish my nephew had understood that tomorrow can change everything. Please help me teach that lesson to someone else who's suffering.

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