Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Five: Five of my Favorite (Semi-) Guilt Free Snacks

I'm closely creeping toward a milestone birthday, but since my thryoid issues fifteen years ago, it's a lot harder for me to avoid packing on the pounds. And the thing is...I love my snacks. Meals, I can skip. Snacks? Not so much. So I indulge in my snacks but I try to be careful. Here are a few things that give me the feeling I'm cheating without resorting to carrot and celery sticks.

1. Quaker Quakes. Oh, I love these little rice cakes the dh calls "flavored styrofoam discs." Cheddar cheese, vanilla creme brulee, sour cream and onion, even chocolate! Mmmm...

2. Archer Farms Yogurt. The flavors, the flavors! Apple raisin bread, Boston cream pie, apple cobbler. And most of them are under 100 calories. These beauties from Target are the perfect start to my morning. Delish!

3. Turkey Hill Light Recipe Ice Creams. Yeah, ice cream is my weakness. So when I really want to treat myself, I scoop up a little of these decadent yummies. Creamy, flavorful, and without that ice milk consistency most light ice creams have. And lots of terrific flavors to choose from!

4. Fiber One brownies. Yeah, I know. I doubted it too. But they're fudgy enough to satisfy your chocolate craving and bigger than an M&M in portion size. Yay!

5. Special K Cracker Crisps. Potato chips for dieters! And they're really tasty. So much so that I have to hide them from the locusts I live with.

There you have it. These are good days to be a dieter. Gone are the cottage cheese/cantaloupe/Jello options of the past. Unless, of course you like that stuff. But if you're looking for treats that feel like you're cheating, you can't go wrong with the new kids on the low-cal block!

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