Thursday, April 22, 2010

Twit of the Day

Yesterday, a fellow author brought to my attention that an agent with a very well-known agency has begun mass-rejecting queries on Twitter. Posts such as, "If you queried me on or before April 1, sorry, I'm rejecting you." have popped up among Ms. Agent's Tweets.

As my kids would say: "Really?"

Now, if I query you, I have to not only follow you on Twitter, but I'll be forced to wade through your tweets about what you ate for breakfast and what color you've decided to polish your nails this week to see if I made the cut or not? You're sooooo busy, your assistant can't take the time to drop the standard rejection letter in the mail box (or send the standard rejection email)?

Guess what, honey. If you're that busy with Twitter, you don't have time for new clients. I'll just happily take my business elsewhere.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Mail Call!

Got a very special package in the mail today. Lookee, lookee! My author copies of Kismet's Angel were left on my doorstep today. And the back cover is just as beautiful as the front!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Now Available in Paperback!

Nearly a month early, but, Kismet's Angel, Katherine Brandon's first book in her historical Kismet series is available under the Sneak Peek section at The Wild Rose Press!

Let's start with the blurb:

Raised by a ragtag group of tender-hearted sailors in 19th century Hyderabad, Antoinetta Manu has grown into a woman determined to sail her own course in life. But when her past and future collide with terrifying results, only one man can set her free.

American merchant, Darian St. Clair has come to India to find out the truth about the death of his stepfather's only child. What he finds is a woman he cannot live without.

Spanning two continents and two realms, Kismet's Angel is the story of two extraordinary mortals, one determined goddess, and a destiny that only true love can fulfill...

You can read an excerpt on The Wild Rose Press site or my website, but what the heck? I'm feeling generous today. I'll post another one for you here:

Who was this man? Friend or foe? Would a foe bring her aboard one of her own ships? If he’d planned to accost her, he’d miscalculated. Badly.

Surrounded by friends, she was safer here than anywhere else on these piers. One last jostle where her cheek actually felt his thigh muscles straining. And then, her position suddenly changed.

She stood upright, feet on the floorboards. Pushing sheets of hair from her face, she focused first on the main deck of Star of the Mountains, and then on the dripping man before her. Eyes greener than spring grass met her gaze. He smiled, offering comfort she supposed, and for a moment the tingle in her blood twitched her lips.

Until she scanned the rest of the deck to see dozens of pairs of amused eyes watching the exchange with avid curiosity. Ahmed, however, was not among them. The heat inside her chilled. His absence indicated more a curse than a blessing. Somehow, she doubted this man’s dive into the bay had escaped her vigilant uncle’s notice. Which would mean her adventure was no longer a secret. Damn it all.

Apparently unaware of her growing displeasure, the wet man bowed. “There now. Safe at last.”

Doubtful. Not with the threat of her uncle looming. Still, she managed to mumble a quick thank you before nodding at the slight, balding captain who stood in front of the grinning crowd. “Uthman. Welcome home.”

Without another glance at her so-called rescuer, she climbed atop the rail and dove into the sea.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Literacy Programs in Serious Trouble

NY's governor has slashed budgets again, leaving our local literacy programs destitute. Please help. For more info, visit the Vineyard Signing for Literacy blog.

Thank you!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

And the Accolades Keep On Coming!

With grateful thanks to the lovely and talented Dawn Brown for the following award:

As usual, this sucker comes with rules. So here we go.

First, I need to pass this on to five recipients. Second, I must say something about each person I honor. Third, the link back to the recipients. And fourth, I have to link back to the person who honored me. Well, I took care of Dawn. Now it's time for the other five people. Oh, golly, who will it be?

1. Debora Dennis, the original Saucy Scribe whose incredible talent is only surpassed by her consumption of coffee and Lindt chocolate. No wonder I love her.

2. Candace Gold, Sweet and Sassy, with a heart wider than the Atlantic Ocean. We've shared our favorite vices: I introduced her to beer and razzaritas, she introduced me to rabbits and something called "the wave."

3. Judith Leger, who writes paranormal and fantasy, but is probably one of the most grounded and genuinely good people I know.

4. Jennifer Shirk, the prettiest Housewife of NJ evah! And despite her blond good looks, I still like her. Go figya.

5. Gwyn Lacy, who will one day be a force to be reckoned with in the publishing world!

Go for it, ladies. Enjoy your moment in my orbit. Ha-ha!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kudos from Anonymous

Part of the schedule of "from contract to book on a shelf" includes the galley. This is the pre-printed version of a manuscript. The pages appear exactly as they would in a bound copy, except each line is numbered down the left margin. It's the author's job to re-read the entire galley and find any errors, typos, etc. The author makes her comments (Page 37, Line 18: change period to comma) and sends them back to the editor. When those changes are made, the galley goes out one more time to a "reader." The reader re-reads the book, looks for any errors an author might have missed and sends those recommended changes back to the editor.

I'm currently at that juncture with the third book in the Kismet series, Kismet's Salvation. And the other day I received the reader's recommendations, along with the following comments:

"Kismet's Salvation is a wonderful story. It reminded me of a classic Jude Deveraux historical, a timeless effortless piece. The story was a rollercoaster of emotions which brought me tears and laughter. To tell the truth last night I stayed up until 1:30 in the morning because I could not put it down and it was well worth it."

These are the comments that keep a writer going, that keep us fueled to pen our stories, that give us joy that somewhere, someone understands and appreciates the blood we spill on the page.

So to that reader: Thank you!