Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Great Nail Polish Study--Day 7

It's officially been a week since I had my "gel polish" manicure, and I gotta say. I'm impressed. A little of the gloss has faded, but there isn't a spot of white anywhere on my nails. I could put a coat of clear polish over them to gain back the shine and I'm good to go as if I just had them done. I'll definitely be looking at doing this type of manicure whenever I plan on being away for a week or so--like for RWA National this coming July. (Nashville, TN at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, July 28-31). Is it cost-effective? Another week will have to go by to confirm that. But I'm betting it will be.
Today in my neck of the woods, it's 20 degrees and I really want nothing more than to stay in my fluffy robe and awesome bootie slippers all day with a fire roaring at my back while I sit and write. But of course, the boy has lacrosse (indoor, thank God!) and the dh will want to do some shopping, so I'll be braving the elements. Maybe I could fake sick and send the boys out on their own...
Whatever you're doing, have a great day!
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