Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ode to the Devil's Coffeemaker

Several months ago, I bought (after years of coveting) a Keurig coffeemaker. Maybe you've seen them? They just recently started advertising the product on television (in time for the holidays so Satan can get his claws on more caffeine-addicted souls). My Keurig offers me the opportunity to savor a cup of coffee--any type, any flavor, any strength--any time. This wondrous machine requires single-serving K-cups so anyone can have a fresh brewed cup o'joe whenever (s)he desires. And the possibilities are endless. There are K-cups for all kinds of coffee--decaf or regular, as well as tea, hot chocolate, chai. I'm betting next, they'll come out with K-cup Soups.
With my old Mr. Coffee, I often joked my house was like 7-11. Any time, day or night, you could come in and find a pot brewing. But now, my addiction has become so much worse. There is, naturally, that first cup in the morning no true caffaholic can live without. But that's just the beginning. Sure, I fill the travel mug to take to work. And when I come home, rather than settling for a boring water, diet soda, or some other beverage with my lunch, there's my bestest bud, Keurig, beckoning me with his eerie blue light like some bizarre K-Mart special. While I'm making dinner, I can't help but fall under its spell. After dinner, who doesn't like a nice cup of coffee to finish off the meal?
And the flavors only make the enticement harder to resist.
Chai Latte? Why not?
Pumpkin Spice? Don't mind if I do.
How about a holiday treat like Spicy Eggnog or Gingerbread? Yes, please!
Prefer your coffee iced? What a coincidence! There's a button just for you!
Recently, the cafe at my office closed. I'm seriously considering a trip to my local store for a mini-Keurig I can keep at my desk. The idea has major merit. But I worry the lines at my desk might get too long when fellow employees discover my little friend.
And guess what's on everyone's Christmas list this year?
So, here's to you, O Great and Powerful Keurig! They can take my precious coffeemaker when they pry it from my cold, dead (albeit jumpy) hands!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sssh! Be Vewwy, Vewwy Quiet...

I iz editing Katherine Brandon's second historical for The Wild Rose Press: Kismet's Revenge.
For me, the edit process is a little like getting ready for a big party. I play with different looks, put on lots of jewelry and then take pieces off, make sure my makeup won't smear or look ridiculous, plan my alibi--
Forget that last one.
Since this book needs a little more work than I anticipated (Katherine is still a fledgling writer, you know) and I gave myself a deadline of November 1st (what was I thinking?) I'll be only posting sporadically here on Le Blog until after that date. Once we reach November 2nd, if the fam and I are all still alive, I'll be back to working on Gina's WIP, Nobody's Business. Provided, of course, my characters are still speaking to me.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Want to Know More About Last Night's Event?

Visit the Dunes & Dreams blog for a great post by fellow speaker and chapter Vice President Debora Dennis.
Despite heavy rain, a rental car, and (at one point) hydroplaning on a dark country road, the co-founders of Dunes & Dreams delivered the goods for our audience.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Want to Know More About Romance Writing?

Join the members of Dunes & Dreams RWA at 6:30 tonight at the John Jermain Library in Sag Harbor for a very special roundtable discussion on the Ins and Outs of Publishing and the Eternal Appeal of Romance.

I'll be speaking with my bestest writing buddies, Debora Dennis and Candace Gold. We'll all have books available for purchase after the session. Or bring your own copies and we'll be happy to sign them for you!

For more information and directions to this event, visit John Jermain's website. Coffee would be greatly appreciated. (I'm a milk, no sugar gal.)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Sappy Side

It's early in the morning, cloudy outside and I'm not ready to get out of bed. So I click on the television and a cell phone commercial comes on. You know the one--where the guy's watching some little girl post flyers of her lost dog. He clicks a copy of the dog's pic on his phone and starts forwarding it to all his friends, asking them to help him find this dog. Of course, the friends are successful and the little girl comes home to see her dog waiting for her. The minute she screams the dog's name, I get all misty-eyed. It gets me every single time.

I guess because we've all been there. We've all been that little girl; we've all seen that little girl. Hey! Some of us have been the dog--lost and trying to find our way home. It's those tiny pieces of humanity we as writers want to capture in our story.

What commercial's humanity hits you in the gut?

Tomorrow, Candace Gold, Patti Ann Bengen and I will be at the Riverhead Country Fair under the Bookworm Publishing Tent. We'll be signing books, chitchatting, and maybe even singing along to some favorite songs. Stop by and join us for a little while. We'd love to see you!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Movin' On Up...

My first historical romance, written by my alter ego, Katherine Brandon has a new release date! Kismet's Angel will now be available from The Wild Rose Press on May 21, 2010.

In other news, be sure to look for me and my good friends, Candace Gold and Patti Ann Bengen under the Bookworm Publishing Tent at the Riverhead Country Fair, Riverhead NY this coming Sunday. Since it's Football Day, I won't be there until noon or so, but I'll be there. Hope you'll stop by and say hello!

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Importance of Your Presence

Long before "The Internets," there have been people who have behaved badly in their public lives. The Web has simply made those instances available to the sane world to watch and comment on. As writers, we must always be aware of our behavior and how it reflects upon us. This is as important in the real world as it is in cyberspace.
I'm not sure why people who normally wouldn't dare a confrontation in real life suddenly feel this inordinate power when it comes to email, blogs, online forums and loops. But consider this a gentle reminder that true power comes from within. Class is the ability to rise above the pettiness of others and move on with your life without obsessing about someone you believe may have wronged you.
Try to conduct your online life in the same manner you'd behave at a church social or in a room full of important people. Don't let your emotions bring you down. The world is ugly enough without thoughtless promotion, rude emails, and childishness clouding your name.
Words to live by on this Friday night...