Monday, September 28, 2009

In Memoriam: Kate Duffy

She was warm, witty, and wonderful. When Kensington super-editor, Kate Duffy walked into a room, she owned it. You couldn't help but be drawn to her. To sit with her and listen to her speak was akin to hearing the sage on the mountain spouting the wisdom of the ages.
She knew romance, she loved romance, she WAS romance!
RIP Kate. You will be missed.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Forgiveable Transgressions

I was recently privy to a conversation between two authors. Author A was fretting because she was working on the sequel to an already published story. Her dilemma? The sequel revolved around the secondary characters of the first story and she wanted to change the hair and eye color of these characters in the new story, but fretted about what her audience might think.

Author B advised her not to worry. Most readers wouldn't notice and those who do will think they've been let in on a delicious secret.

Since I was eavesdropping (rude in itself) I couldn't exactly plow into the conversation and provide my opinion. (I know--shocking that I actually kept my big wazoo shut!) But this blog is mine so I can spout all my wisdom here. So here goes:

Hey, Author A! Is there a specific reason the story warrants the change? Are all blond, blue-eyed men being annihilated and it's up to the green-eyed auburn-haired lady to save the hero? Because, otherwise, I'd advise against insulting your readers by underestimating their intelligence.

See, I'm not just a writer. I'm a reader. A big one. I was a reader long before I became a writer. And I can tell you right now, there've been cases where a character in one book undergoes some kind of metamorphic change in another. Never once did I think I was in on a "delicious secret." Instead I thought, "Here's an author whose research is so poor, she can't even go back to her own story for fact-checking."

Where do you stand? What's forgiveable in your books? What makes you think the author was lazy?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's Football Season!

I know; it's hard to imagine a girly-girl like me enjoying the bone-crunching, down-in-the-dirt sport of football. And several years ago, you'd have been right. But when my son wanted to play for a local PAL team, I was the one who took him to registration and announced to the giant behind the desk, "I'm here to sign my son up to get his bones broken." My fears were quickly soothed with assurances that, particularly at his young age, with the pads and gear the players wore, fractures and severe injuries were rare. Now, years later, I'm one of those moms you see on the sidelines, jumping up and down, screaming, "Go, go, go!"
But now my son is on the cusp of teenaged years. The boys he's coming up against are bigger, stronger, and more fierce. And he just made the junior high team. Which translates to seven days of football a week for the next three months. Which translates to lots of days on the bleachers, lots of huddling on the sidelines with coffee, lots of standing in the rain as the mud splatters with each collision of players on the ground.
Am I looking forward to it? Not, really. But sometimes you have to become interested if only to survive the experience.
I still don't see myself sitting down in front of the television Sunday after Sunday watching the pros--that is, unless my son makes the Big Leagues. In which case, he has his instructions. Whenever the television cameras pan to him, he's to say, "Love you, Mom!"
Emotional blackmail? Maybe. But I've put in the time and he owes me.
Oh! And one more thing that makes today special? It's my 23rd wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary, sweetheart. You're still the best thing that ever happened to me.
Go Wildcats!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Four Cups From Coffee Time Romance!

Yup! I received my first review for A Run for the Money: Four cups from Coffee Time Romance.

Reviewer Danielle writes, "A Run for the Money is a very funny and entertaining book. Ms. Ardito uses realism and humor to tell the tale of Nicole and Dante. The family dynamics between both main characters as well as the surrounding characters are really good, and yet at times very sad. The way Nicole comes to grips with her mother’s coldness is saddening and uplifting. A very nice read that will have you laughing and enjoying yourself as the adventures of Nicole and Dante unfold."

Buy your copy at or Barnes &!