Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hi Y'all From Myrtle Beach!

The fam and I are basking in the warmth of the Carolina sun and the residents of this gaw-jus place! We arrived late Tuesday afternoon and set up our home for the next several days. We've already done the Ripley's Aquarium.

Dh and the kids dragged me to the shoreline for some fun in the surf. I came back after two and a half hours with an unhealthy burn, despite my 50 SPF sunscreen. (Have I mentioned I'm not an ideal "beach person"? Do I need to explain why in more detail?)

No doubt dh will want to continue his soaking up the rays and swimming in the ocean glory today (since his heritage is Greek and Italian, he's a sun worshipper of the highest order). But...I'm thinking dd and I need something girly, so we'll do mani-pedis and souvenir shopping.

As expected, with so many distractions, I'm not actually writing. But I do have the glimmer of an idea how to fix one of the completed stories that has been giving me fits since I decided I needed a new setup for my hero and heroine. I'll play around with some of the opening chapters while I'm here, but the bulk of the work will be done when I return home to my normal routine.

You see, I have a certain method that works best for me when I'm revising a major portion of a manuscript. I have to print out the story, chapter by chapter, open a new document and rewrite the scene, sometimes taking the best sentences from the original, sometimes revamping every word and point of view. It's laborious and time-consuming but it's the only way I can actually see what works and what doesn't.

More later...maybe with photos!

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