Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wanna Be a Published Author?

According to the email I received from Writers Digest, all I need is the price of a cup of coffee. Of course, that money is going not for java, but for a subscription to Writers Digest. Well, no offense to Writers Digest, but in my humble opinion, it takes a lot more than a subscription to reach "published author" status. You need a good story, an inordinate amount of faith in yourself, buckets full of patience, and the drive to keep trying when the rejections pour in (and they do pour in!)
Now, Writers Digest might help by providing information, but the subscription is simply that: payment toward a periodical that will regularly give you tools to build your dream. The building, however, is up to you. So if you've got the great story, the faith in yourself, the patience, and the drive, go ahead. Sign up for your subscription. Just remember: it's only a magazine, not a publishing house.

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