Monday, September 17, 2007

Why I Find My Son's Football Games So Inspiring...

This past Sunday, our Three Village Wildcats took on their biggest rivals, the Riverhead Giants. Over the years, the Riverhead team has always beaten our little guys, with the exception of one memorable game last year where we tied. Oddly enough, my son considers himself the Tony Robbins of his team. At the end of every Friday night practice (and again at halftime during the Sunday game), Nick calls the team together to give them some kind of "pep talk."
This past Friday, before their toughest competition, Nick outlined their history against the Giants. "They've kicked our butts every time we've played them. Except last time. Last time, we tied. This week, we've got the momentum to WIN!"
And guess what? They did!
For every little guy who's ever been knocked down by the competition, for every writer who's received another rejection from their dream editor or agent, I say, "Dare to dream. Dream big. Only if we continue to try can we achieve success."
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