Sunday, September 2, 2007

The End

For a writer, there are few sweeter words. "We want to buy your manuscript," and "We'd like to turn your book into a movie" might be sweeter, but they don't take away from the feeling of satisfaction a writer gets from typing (or thinking since most of us don't actually type those two words) The End.

As a romance writer, the event is even more joyous. Why? Because your characters have come through their turmoils with love on their sides. They will now live happily ever after. And so there is a quiet celebration in ensuring your "babies" the ending they deserve.

Today, I reached that quiet celebration moment on Two For the Money, the sequel to the soon-to-be published, A Little Slice of Heaven. Now, they'll slumber on my computer for a week or two while I reconnect with family, friends, and life. Then, I'll awaken them slowly and begin the Final Edit process before sending them off to my editor for consideration.

Ain't love grand?
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