Monday, September 10, 2007

Another Question From the Pile

Today's question comes from Judy Leger:

"I recently blogged about a dream that inspired me. What inspires you when writing?"

In a nutshell, LIFE. Anyone I like or anything I enjoy can provide inspiration.

Take, for example, my soon-to-be-released story, A Little Slice of Heaven, which takes place in a pizzeria on Long Island. Why a pizzeria? Because the guys at one of our family's frequent haunts, Via Pizza in East Setauket, asked. Nick, in particular, wondered why no one has ever written a romance that took place in a pizzeria. I promised him I would. But then I had to find the right story out of the catalog in my head.

Enter a book of short stories by a famous British author. One story told of a wealthy woman who wanted to test whether her family's love would survive a financial downturn. Hmm... Here was something I could work with.

Now, to put the characters into place. I chose two dear friends (who don't know each other) as inspiration for the hero and heroine. Their personalities came over to the written page intact; their looks were borrowed from Hollywood. And then I set them onstage and let them direct their story to a satisfying ending. I hope you'll like the results as much as I do.

Another example would be my current WIP, Nobody's Perfect. Once again, I thank an acquaintance for placing the germ of an idea in my head. While on the practice field for my son's football team one evening, one of the moms said, "You should write about what goes on here. Think of the fun you could have!" Hmm...

The cycle begins again. My characters are in place, the stage is set. The rest is up to them. I'll let you know how it all turns out.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE: Hooray to my good friend, Debora, for finally moving into her new home. May you share love and prosperity within its walls for decades to come!
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