Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: 13 Books On My TBR Pile (thanks to RWA National)

One of the many perks of RWA's National Conference is the landslide of books available. Each year, I wind up shipping more and more home and then wait with breathless anticipation for the FedEx man to bring them to my doorstep. This year was no exception. Take a gander at the box I received three days after my return home from Dallas:

So without further ado, I present
Thirteen Books on my To Be Read Pile (thanks to RWA National)

1. The Adultery Diet by Eva Cassady (Pocket Books' Abby Zidle gushed about this story so much, any writer would be insane not to check it out to get an idea what editors are excited about it.)

2. Parallel Attraction by Deidre Knight (I won an autographed copy of this book at the Romance Divas dinner.)

3. Flirting With Forty by Jane Porter (The title alone intrigues me!)

4. Late Night Talking by Leslie Schnur (How can you not want to read a story that describes itself as "a tender and funny novel about bad behavior"?)

5. Shoe Addicts Anonymous by Beth Harbison (Who knew we had a support group?)

6. The Dream Thief by Shana Abé (The buzz on this book is louder--and much more positive--than a dentist's drill!)

7. The Smoke Thief by Shana Abé (I should probably read the prequel before reading the new release, right?)

8. Candy Apple Red by Nancy Bush (A P.I. with an ugly pug and a dead body? Sign me up!)

9. High Noon by Nora Roberts (I was psyched for this one even before I heard her speak at National. Now? It's moved to the top of the pile!)

10. Killer in High Heels by Gemma Halliday (Okay, so she's a fellow Diva, which automatically makes this a must-read. But a possible series is in production for USA Networks. Aren't you the least bit curious? I am.)

11. Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas (She's too adorable to ignore!)

12. Aye Do or Die by Candy Calvert ("Whip up a pina colada, find yourself a deck chair, and settle in for a great onboard romp." Don't mind if I do.)

13. Love a Younger Man by Shelby Reed and Madison Hayes (This is the only Shelby Reed book I've been missing and I can't wait to dig in to the beautiful prose of this oh, so talented author and dear friend!)

And this doesn't include the books that were on this pile before July. Whew! Looks like I've got my work cut out for me. At least I should have enough reading material until the end of the year. What are you looking forward to reading in your pile?
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