Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Best Intentions

Last night was supposed to be my "night off"--the first Saturday I had the house to myself in 16 years. The men in the family were heading to the Meadowlands for the Giants/Panthers football game and darling daughter had (another) Sweet 16. I planned all week for my night off, assuming I would have about six blissful hours to fill.

What would I do? Write, of course. Finally finish Two for the Money, get a really good jump on Nobody's Perfect. I wanted to package a few queries together for mailing on Monday. And on the subject of packages, there was that dress I bought for the Awards Ceremony at National that I decided against wearing. It's still sitting in the closet with the tags intact. Saturday night would be the perfect time to repackage it and send it back so my bank account could be credited.

Then, after I picked up my daughter at ten, I would sink into a hot bubble bath to relax my woes away.

Admirable goals, yes? I thought so, too. But you know that old saying about the best laid plans? Well, the menfolk didn't leave until 6 and promptly hit too much traffic to move anywhere near the stadium. So I was trying my best to play GPS operator from my computer at home, rerouting them to other roads, none of which moved any faster. My niece "popped in" for a few minutes, which extended into about an hour, and before I knew it, I'd written all of one page on Money and it was time to shuttle Tori home from her party.

End result? The dress still sits in the closet with the tags in place and the shipping box below it. The file for Nobody's Perfect was never opened. I swapped the bubble bath for a little more writing time and while I'm nowhere near The End, I do know how it will all wrap up.

There's a possibility we might head to the beach today. I could make grandiose schemes to finish the manuscript there, but I think I'll let the events drive the day's tasks. The AlphaSmart will come along and I will use it, but I won't set a goal of any kind. Somehow, I think I'm better off keeping my expectations to myself.

Have a great weekend!

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