Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I've Learned at RWA National

Yep, I'm still thinking about last week. Here are 13 things I've learned:

1. Writers are control freaks who love to manipulate their characters.

2. Nora Roberts is warmer and funnier in person than in her books.

3. Not all taxi drivers know their way around the city where they work.

4. Diva Jax is tinier in person than I pictured.

5. It's not just my husband: All our spouses don't get us sometimes.

6. Every publisher says they're not looking for your particular sub-genre, but then cover themselves with the caveat: "But if it's a really good story, we'll consider it."

7. Four words for Lisa Kleypas: A-Dor-A-Ble!

8. Agents have all the power in this biz until an author signs with them. Then the power shifts to the author.

9. According to Lisa Jackson, we all have an old hoodie we wear as part of our writing "uniform."

10. A great pair of shoes can jumpstart a conversation between total strangers.

11. My household is not the only one with delivery pizza on speed-dial.

12. Who needs to eat when you can live on Starbucks and books?

13. RWA members ROCK!

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