Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #..oh, who knows?

Thirteen Things "Gina hates..."

A while back, for a Thursday Thirteen, I Googled "Gina wants..." and came up with some doozies. This week, we're back with 13 Things Gina hates, according to the Internet.

1. Gina secretly. (Damn! Now everybody knows!)

2. Gina hates...shallow people. (So get some depth. Or girth.)

3. Gina hates...sunny beaches. (Duh! I get sunburned under a 60-watt bulb, people!)

4. Gina hates...the Battlestar Pegasus. (Beam me up, Scotty!)

5. Gina hates...the very idea of being restricted. (In your best Frank Sinatra voice: "I gotta be free..., I gotta be free...")

6. Gina hates...when she breathes in a feather. (Cough! Gasp! Wheeze!)

7. Gina hates...walking through Baboon Park. (What's with the red butts? May be proof God has a sense of humor.)

8. Gina hates...not being the center of attention. (Hello? Here I am! Worship me!)

9. Gina hates...gale force winds and humidity. (Ruins my hair.)

10. Gina hates...surprises. (Unless you surprise me by making me the center of attention.)

11. Gina hates...cockroaches. (Doesn't everyone?)

12. Gina hates...stupid people. (They rank right up there with cockroaches.)

13. Gina hates...long posts so I'll stop here. (Thank God!)

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