Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thirteen Commonly Mispronounced Words That Make Me Nuts

13 Commonly Mispronounced Words That Make Me Nuts

1. Nuclear (Ack! If I hear one more politician or newscaster say, "nuke-you-lar" I may have to create my own WMD (Word of Mass Destruction).

2. Et cetera (Note: no "x"--therefore, the word is pronounced just as it's spelled)

3. Mischievous (Who was the genius who first decided to pronounce it, "mis-cheeve-e-ous"? There's no extra "i" in there! Start with the root: mischief and add the "us" sound. "Mis-chiv-us." Is that so hard?)

4. Jewelry (Please God, no more "joolery").

5. February (See that "r" after the "b"? It ain't silent!)

6. Drown/Drowned (If you don't know how to swim, you might drown. If it's already happened to someone, he or she drowned. In the history of language, NO ONE ever "drownded"!)

7. Espresso (Just like et cetera. No "x". Don't add one.)

8. Forte (unless you're a musician, the "e" is silent on this one.)

9. Nuptial (Some very intelligent people feel the need to add a "u" to this one--as in "nupt-yoo-al." Why? I don't know. The word works just fine without it.)

10. Lackadaisical (That pesky "x" sneaks into the darnedest pronunciations. Throw him out. We don't need him here.)

11. Library (NO ONE over the age of three should be saying "li-berry").

12. Valentines (I wonder how many couples argue on Valentine's Day when one of them whips out the word, "Valentimes." Perhaps they should skip the chocolate and roses in favor of a dictionary.)

13. Barbiturate (Just like in February and library, that poor "R" seems to be neglected at times. He's an important letter. Learn to recognize his power.)

That's my list. How many are you guilty of? Or do you have others that raise your hackles? I'd love to know about 'em...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Thoughts For Today

Feel free to add your own:

"Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it." - P.J. O'Rourke

"A writer is, after all, only half his book. The other half is the reader, and from the reader, the writer learns." - P.L. Travers

"Perfection is an unattainable goal. Just get words down on paper, and when you stumble to what you think is the end of the book, you will have hundreds of pages of words that came out of your head. It may not be perfect, but it looks like a book. " - Laurell K. Hamilton

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

13 Reasons I'm Still Preoccupied With the 80's

Ah, the 80's--the music, the fashions, the days of my wicked youth. And here are 13 things from the 80's I really miss:

1. MTV still played music videos.
2. I was a perfect size 5.
3. The movies: The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink...need I say more?
4. Alabama Slammers and Kamikazes. Yum!
5. Dr. Demento every Saturday night.
6. Sting and Bruce Willis both still had hair.
7. "Sunscreen" consisted of baby oil.
8. Tap beer was 35 cents a glass at my local bar.
9. Midnight showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show
10. The sitcoms: Cheers, Family Ties, etc.
11. A pre-freaky Michael Jackson.
12. Feathers on EVERYTHING!
13. Candies shoes--in every color of the rainbow.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen


1. Christian Bale

2. Jim Caviezel
3. Brad Pitt

4. Johnny Depp

5. Jude Law

6. Hugh Jackman

7. Peter Sarsgaard

8. Colin Firth

9. Ewan McGregor

10. Mark Ruffalo

11. Skeet Ulrich

12. Eric Bana

13. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

Saturday, April 7, 2007

"The Bonds of Matri-money" Goes International!

Take a peek at my latest review, from a site in the Netherlands, which caters to the English-speaking market in parts of Europe. Yes, the original review is in Dutch, but scroll down for the English translation.

Not bad, huh?

Thursday, April 5, 2007

13 Pearls of Wisdom I Hope To Leave My Kids

1. Do what you love; love what you do.
2. Laugh. Every single day.
3. Sing out loud as often as possible.
4. Dance often--even if it's just with the vacuum cleaner.
5. Read.
6. Dream.
7. Try, no matter how impossible a feat seems.
8. You're never too old to learn something new.
9. Never be too proud to say, "I love you," "I'm sorry," or "I need help."
10. Never be too cowed to stand up for what you believe in--even if you stand alone.
11. Take care of yourself: eat healthy, exercise regularly, keep medical and dental appointments.
12. Cherish old memories and create new ones everyday.
13. Eat chocolate.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

You're Never Too Old

A recent news article tells the story of a 96 year-old man whose first book was recently published. Harry Bernstein began writing at the age of 93. After the loss of his wife, he found he had too many hours in a day and nothing to fill them with. Enter a new hobby. His book, "The Invisible Wall" is a memoir about growing up in an era of anti-Semitism in a mill town in England.

What makes this story even more inspiring is the fact that when he completed the manuscript, he sent it to New York publishers and received the usual round of rejections. Did Mr. Bernstein give up? No. He simply sent the story to the London office of Random House where, after a year's time, it was picked up. The rest, as they say, is history.

Kudos to Mr. Bernstein and to all the hopefuls who don't let age, education, or the usual round of rejections keep them from pursuing their dream!