Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Endings and Beginnings

I did it--finished "Nobody's Darling." Gave it to my first reader: my niece, Missy, who liked it a lot. Now it makes the rounds with a few other personal readers (most notably, my mother-in-law who happens to be my other biggest fan, naturally!) and then we'll see if we can pique a certain editor's interest.

Normally, I like to take a few weeks off between manuscripts to rejuvenate the old brain cells, but Gertrude (my Muse for those who haven't checked the other blog entries on this site) is really antsy to start the next story, Book II of the Raine Sisters Trilogy. Originally, I had assumed Book II would be "Nobody's Angel," but Gertrude kept me up last night debating the idea that, really, this story is much more suited to be "Nobody's Fool." She's got the heroine's GMC all mapped out already, so who am I to argue? Especially if I plan to get any sleep over the next few months. Score one point for Gertrude.

So...with "Nobody's Darling" ready for review, we'll begin crafting Book II: "Nobody's Fool." Stay tuned. Something tells me the ride isn't always going to run as smoothly as it is right now.
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